Essay on Media Review : ' Who Cares About Kelsey '

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Media Review for “Who Cares About Kelsey” and “F.A.T. City: How Difficult Can It Be”
Kassandra B. Student
Eastern Kentucky University

Media Overview
This paper explores two movies that portray a child with a disability and how he or she over comes many obstacles. In addition, this paper explores three short videos When the Chips Are Down, Restraint and Seclusion, and Rita Pierson Every Child Needs a Champion. The media uses consistent strategies to help the students. However, there is some differences between each movie. For example, the child portrayed in each movie has a different type of disability. In the movie Who Cares About Kelsey is about a young nineteen-year-old high school student who has ADHD. Kelsey is one of more than two million young people within the United states with an emotional or behavioral disorder. (University of New Hampshire) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition where the student has severe problems of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. (Exceptional leaners pg.170). Kelsey was also a cashier, firefighter, and a captain of her school’s cheerleading team. These activities helped Kelsey burn off energy, Kelsey was in high school for five years and was at high risk for dropping out of high school. She failed her sophomore year and had to repeat it. For this reason, Kelsey stated, “If I fail my senior year I will drop out or switch schools.” Kelsey not only suffered from ADHD, but also suffered from abuse and…

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