Media Has Influenced Our Perception Of The Male Gender Essay

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Media has influenced our perception of the male gender in a multitude of ways. Television and movies specifically have presented women with three of the ideal male categories that are seen fit by society. The alpha male is a leader who is assertive, intelligent, brave and a seducer. The beta male is a follower who is sensitive, humorous, foolish yet sentimental. The traditional father is a provider who is caring, stern yet protective. Media perpetuates a positive construct of the male gender by presenting society with the alpha male, the beta male, and the traditional father.
The alpha male is one of the most recognizable male stereotypes found throughout all platforms of media. The alpha male is the most recognizable of these stereotypes because the greater population of men in the world are alpha males. According to scientists, “One possible explanation is that during the Stone Age, the men who were most successful during the hunt for food, were physically strong, had a high amount of testosterone and an aggressive behavior (Alpha-traits) which gave them a greater chance of surviving” (Madsen). This explains why alpha males today are still physically fit, driven and professionally successful in their career of choice. The question society needs to ask is, what has inspired this portrayal of men in our media? According to the Consortium for Media Literacy, “many cultural historians believe the need for the super-male is rooted in anxiety over the loss of male dominance in…

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