Media Handling Of The Topic Essay

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Media Handling of the Topic
In an era in which the amount of media coverage of child maltreatment and neglect has risen considerably, it is time for communication scholars to examine the character of that coverage. The media demonstrates two acts of child maltreatment, physical and sexual abuse, with a lot of contempt. It promotes the fact that child maltreatment is a wrong and should be shunned by society as much as possible. It also portrays the perpetrators as people who had no feelings and respect for humanity.
The way the media portrayed the three articles had an enormous impact on society. Nevertheless, I believe that emotional abuse is less visible than the examples of physical abuse that often appear in the media. Emotional Abuse (affects a child’s psychological, social, and emotional development and sense of self-worth), while known to be a more common and dangerous risk for children, does not preoccupy the media quite as much as sexual or physical abuse because of its lack of newsworthiness (Gough & Stanley 2007). Unfortunately, emotional abuse is one variety that fades into the background. The three news articles I have selected to discuss on childhood emotional abuse are “Parents can inflict emotional harm, not realize it” from USA Today, “Emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse for children” from Deseret News National, and “Emotional abuse worst of all for children” from
If a newspaper or magazine reader is unfamiliar with how horrifying a…

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