Media Good Or Bad Essay

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Media: Good or Bad
Media! It 's inside and out us and comes a wide range of structures. At a certain point in your life you have had an experience with media. Media has been around us for a long time now, from the prior times of distributed a couple talked words, to now an assortment of things, for example, TV, interpersonal interaction, daily paper, and bounty more. Media has a wide range of employments for individuals; business , correspondence, excitement, or to get or publicize data. With its assortment of ways , data is spread a great deal faster and can impact individuals in an unexpected way. Media is so vital in today 's general public numerous individuals can 't go a day without it. The reliance on the media has become throughout the
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It indicates one thing,however is another. The media causes people to believe any and everything they see. Numerous have been misguided and have this false sense of reality that if it 's on the internet or they saw on television it must be true. Well, that is nothing more than a myth. Not everything you read or see on the internet, or everything you see on television is true. There are many sites there fooling innocent people into traps dealing with money or personal information. Many of these websites are untrustworthy. Television shows and movies are for entertainment. They use people called actors/actresses to portray something they aren’t so they can amuse an audience. Even though the media may give you some sort of truth, many things they give is false. Also, the media show you what they want you to see. They keep many things hidden from the real world, unless you see it yourself you will never know. Media hides things so we as a society can walk blind to the things going on around us. “ Advertising is legalized lying.” H.G. Wells. Advertisers tell you anything just to get you to buy a product. With their knowledge on how to use persuasive words, they can manipulate a person’s mind. Just look at the news, for example. They will show clips and videos of things that happen so they can capture your attention, but do they show what’s really going on behind the scenes of what was shown. Also, they choose what …show more content…
As a general public, we have to stop focusing on what the media says and see for ourselves. Even though the media does has some true information all of it 's not and many need to learn how to decipher between the truth and the lies. In order to do this you have to start paying attention to what’s going on in the world around us and getting involved. If you don’t get involved, you will become another blind-sided person in the world where the media will be able to conform you. Media is used for persuasion. Imagine if the media was used its persuasion positively, many of the situation occurring today could be limited and things could be changed for the better. For example, young ladies feelings insecure about themselves and affecting them mentally , people creating role models that aren’t the best, or people losing themselves and creating someone who isn’t them could be limited. Instead the media could be used to promote healthy eating and staying fit, role models that what better for children and give people a new outlook on life. Instead of the media giving society false impression they should use ordinary things so it 's more attainable. Such as, they should stop digitally enhancing a person’s body image and use the real thing for advertisements. This give “standard” people something more realistic to look at and less negative outcomes will come out. Also, to help improve the influence of media we have to work the younger

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