Media And Its Effect On Society Essay

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American is based on the foundation of Democracy, giving the power to the people. “The Constitution’s framers structured the government so that Congress would be responsive to the needs and the will of the people. In representing their constituents, members of Congress provide an easily accessed point of contact for people to connect with their government and to have their voices heard” (Harrison, pg. 354). The question then lies, are the peoples voices really being heard? Congress generates its power from the media and the people. However, external and internal factors such as electoral processes, term limitations, and policy-making functions, all significantly impact these power sources. .

Print, radio, television, and the internet are all considered forms of media. The media is crucial in order for the United States to function as a democratic country. This is because the media holds extremely important political functions that are necessary for a democracy to exist. The first of these political functions is “to provide political information”. That means, it is the medias responsibility to make sure the public gets the news. A democracy requires citizens to vote on political and social issues and the media is responsible for informing the country, so citizens can make educated voting choices on these issues. (Harrison, pg. 303).

“The purpose of the media is to help us to interpret events and policies and are influential in setting the national policy agenda” (Harrison…

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