Mechanical Engineering : The Best Road Dream Essay

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Have you ever imagined something and yearned to have? Maybe, you tried to make it, but you could never get it to work. I was the exact same way. Since I was a little kid I have always loved building things with whatever I could get me hands on: legos, lincoln logs, even sand. Now, as I grow older I still have this passion for building, but I am not equipped to pursue it. So, I have been searching for a way to make it possible to build these dreams in my head. Finally, I believe I have found a solution. Mechanical engineering seems to be the best route to make my dreams a reality. It definitely will not be easy though. I have to get the proper education and as well as make sure I can support myself while trying to get hired, and even find out if I could get a job as a mechanical engineer.

What is a Mechanical Engineering ?

Mechanical Engineering has been known to be one of the broadest disciplines of engineering out there. Their job is to basically to design both mechanical and thermal sensors and devices. Maybe, that sounds pretty simple unless you account for all of the different types to things they design make and test themselves. As well as the skills need to craft all of these different items. Even from there it breaks down in seven large categories that span from outer space to making nanotechnology. To get a better idea of what I might be up against in the future I contacted an actual mechanical engineer named Mr. Eric Baucom. Mr. Baucon is a Project Engineer…

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