Essay on Me 333 Machine Component Design

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ME 333 Machine Component Design
Section B
Group 11
Wright Brothers
Tyler Sutton- 1903 “Wright Flyer” aka Airplane
Forrest Jordan- Three Axis Control System
Tim Adams- 1903 Engine
Simon Koorie- 1903 Transmission

When Bishop Milton wright purchased his two young sons a small model helicopter, it is believed that was the moment which sparked Orville and Wilbur Wright’s interest in flight. That single purchase of a toy is arguably the moment that changed the course of humanity and accelerated our aeronautical capabilities. Growing up in the second half of the 19th century provided very little for any pioneering thinker. Technology was limited and electricity was only beginning to become practically used urban life. As teens becoming young men, the Wright brothers please their hunger for ingenuity with the bicycle. This was a time when the modern looking bike of today was developing its shape as opposed to its front-wheel-drive high-wheeled predecessor. In 1886, Wilbur sustained terrible facial injuries which lead to his self-exile from the public view and decision not to attend Yale University. Wilbur stayed busy working with his brother on projects such as a printing press and newly published newspaper. Eventually, the bicycle fad grew exponentially and the brothers returned to their previous passion. In 1892, the Wright brothers opened their own bicycle repair shop. It was during this time in their careers that the brothers developed into expert engineers,…

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