Same Sex Adoption

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Even though the child might prefer having a father and mother instead of two parents of the same sex, homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals because children of homosexual fathers, as a rule, grow up to be heterosexual. What is benefited from disallowing homosexuals to marry and adopt children?
“Defenders of same-sex marriage want to legitimize the right to marry persons of the same sex. But since heterosexuals lack that right too, this cannot be the proper formulation of the right which they claim to be justified on grounds of equal rights. In the civil rights movement, black persons wanted rights which white persons already had and women wanted rights which men already had. So these groups could legitimately claim that
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The difficulties of adopting a child into a homosexual household is absurd. In the state of Florida there is a lesbian-gay ban on adoption, but they are allowed to be foster parents while the child waits for a forever home. Almost 40% of all agencies and 83% of public agencies reported making at least one adoption placement with a lesbian or gay man. However, one-third of agencies would reject a gay or lesbian applicant, either because of the religious beliefs guiding the agency, a state law prohibiting placement with LGBT parents, or a policy of placing children only with married couples. ("LGBT Adoption Facts.") This is outrageous, what makes a gay couple any different than an opposite sex adoption, some argue to say that it is against God, or the child will not have the same love and care because the same sex couple will get it to much masculinity, or femininity, that the child will also turn out to be same sex orientated. This is not the case, study shows that children who were raised in same sex households do just as well as those raised by heterosexual couples. Studies analyzed by I.S. Kon were carried out in California (San Francisco) and Florida; He concludes that “children of homosexual fathers, as a rule, grow up to be heterosexual, and moreover the amount of time spent with their fathers does not influence the children’s sexuality”; and in lesbian families “neither the style nor results of the motherhood are, in principle, different from what takes place in conventional heterosexual families or in incomplete ‘single mother’ families” (Bernheim, Gilles). If there is no sociological effect on children raised in homosexual households, why keep those members of society from being

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