Essay on Mcdonalds : A Good Or Bad Global Citizen

1280 Words Nov 17th, 2014 6 Pages
In our day to day lives mostly everyone will enjoy McDonald’s every once in a while, even though you might not be a fan of fast food. McDonald 's Corporation is a multimillion dollar global business. Though the meals they serve may be cheap, the negative effects they carry could greatly outweigh the positive effects so much more than one might think. In this report the pros and cons of McDonalds will be discussed and then the casting of the judgement of if it’s a good or bad global citizen will be left up to you to decide. Now a day everybody will recognize the golden arches of McDonalds, it is hard not to. According to surveys the McDonalds’s golden arches is more recognised than the Christian cross. McDonalds has restaurants almost everywhere and their commercials are on television at least once a the question is if McDonalds Corporation is a good global citizen working in an ethical manner. The mentioned question will be answered and presented through the means of strengths and weaknesses.
McDonalds have so many strengths but could their strengths greatly outweigh their weaknesses, well let’s find out…
Mc donalds is the largets fast food restaurant chain in the world, it makes $8.7 billion in revenue from franchise stores alone, which makes it richer than Mongolia. Mc donalds has mpre than 35,000 restaurants which serve 68 million consumers every day in 118 countries. They are the most recognised brand in the fast food industry and is predicted to be…

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