Essay about Mcdonaldization Of Society And The Era Of Globalisation

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To what extent is ‘Mcdonaldization’ a threat to local and national cultures in the era of globalisation?

The term Mcdonaldization was first used by sociologist George Ritzer in his book the Mcdonaldization of Society (1993). In his book, Ritzer reconceptualises the idea of rationalisation, using the fast food restaurant Mcdonalds as a model to illustrate how society has become rationalised; moving from traditional thought, emotions and values to rational modes of thought that favour efficiency, predictability and the use of non-human technology for labour instead of human workers (RITZER, 1993). Ritzer also claimed that this rationalisation was becoming inherent to society, more prevalent in the era of globalisation, dominating “more and more sectors of American Society as well as the rest of the world.”(RITZER, 2004) Mcdonaldization has also been applied to aspects of society other than bureaucracy and fast food restaurants, such as culture. Through globalisation, or the homogenisation of people’s taste and demand patterns around the world (HAMMOND & GROSSE 2003), consumer patterns worldwide are becoming unified, and local cultures threatened by ‘westernisation’. Some argue that this will create a cultural hybridisation or international state, which has both its advantages and disadvantages. It could be argued that this is a threat to local and national cultures as Ritzer’s rationalisation model is predicted to dominate in most cultures, where traditional, emotional modes…

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