Mccarthyism, The Crucible And Salem Witch Trials Essay

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McCarthyism in The Crucible and Salem Witch Trials The play, The Crucible, and the real Salem Witch Trials are not much different than McCarthyism because greed, hatred, and power motivated accusers. In The Crucible Arthur Miller uses the Salem Witch Trials to portray the horrors of McCarthyism. The political cartoon about McCarthyism explains how only accusations and rumors were used as evidence to condemn the suspected communist. The McCarthy Hearings and The House Committee on Un-American Activist (HUAC) both had to do with communist. The House Committee on Un-American Activist (HUAC) was ran by a special committee member named Martin Dies. HUAC was established in 1938 for the purpose of exposing communist (“HUAC”).The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) created a society who accused many people for being communist. Members of HUAC accused for political gain which is foremost an example of abuse of power (“McCarthyism Economics”). In the time period (1908-57) Senator Joseph McCarthy used his method of McCarthyism (“McCarthyism Economics”). McCarthyism was a method used to condemn communist for crimes they did not commit. This gave the accused no chance to have a fair trial as far as evidence goes. Once they were accused of the crime there was no other way to justify them as guilty or not, evidence could have easily been made up for the accuser 's own personal reason. McCarthyism was indeed unfair and foremost abuse of power in which it should have been…

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