Abigail Williams Argument

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Argumentative Essay
Young girls, cursed by what is referred to as a witch with no reason behind the actions or acuse. In 1692 in the Salem, Massachusetts, several girls were said to be possessed by witchcraft. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, many are unreasonably accused of being a witch because of actions like not showing up for church, acting strange, dancing, amongst other things. Puritans believed in following the Bible and punishment for sin was often harsh. Many believe that Abigail Williams is responsible for the witchcraft happening. Others seem to believe that Tituba and Betty are responsible for the hysteria. Abigail is seen performing suspicious activity to the belief that she has started the hysteria in Salem. Abigail is doing
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She still continues to lie in a place where you supposable not to lie. She pretends like Mary is trying to hurt people and herself. “Mary, please don’t hurt me!” (Miller 195). She continues to lie on Mary’s name. She decides to say she have seen Mary with the devil, so she knows they will come to her house. Abigail tells that that Mary has a poppet. Abigail leads Mary to thin it is just a heartwarming gift to her. When they go to Mary the ask about the poppet. They search her house and finds just that, then they explain that the one pin in the poppet lead to Abigail stabbing herself. Mary had no idea of such. This is more of Abigail's lie.
Witchcraft is form of evil to many especially to Puritans. Abigail has done so much to prove that she is using/involved in witchcraft. Now, in the twenty-first century, there is a freedom of religion. Abigail wouldn’t be punished if she were in this century, she would just have to take it up with God when she passes away. Considering that it's a different time period, the ending of the play Abigail gets what she deserves for such evil doings by being found guilty and sentenced to death. Abigail is the most responsible for the practice of witchcraft more than any other person in Salem during the time of

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