Mccaffery: Developing A Healthy Leadership Plan?

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Developing a Healthy Leadership Plan
Leadership and Resilience
Leadership requires resilience, which can be defined as “the ability to adapt and strengthen in the face of challenge, trauma, or stress” (Bolman & Gallos, 2011 p.198). It is important for academic administrators and leaders to remember that learning is at the center of effective leadership and it is imperative that great leaders learn how to strengthen their resilience in the face of failure. Developing a healthy leadership plan can help to strengthen these skills and develop good practices. The following paper will illustrate a newly constructed leadership plan for Fiscal Analyst II, at Francis Marion University, Brittney Vereen. In addition, it will consider the best practices
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She decided she wanted to follow the democratic leadership style and allowed her employees to participate in the decision making process and promote their interest while practicing social equality. It is suggested by McCaffery (2010) that leaders should take the time to first determine the type of leader they want to be; as well as, the time to share their vision, mission and goals with their team. In doing so, Brittney determined that by making the right choices and taking the right actions in accordance to her morals and values would enable her to develop success relationships with her employees. People sense integrity and will naturally respect your opinion and leadership and it is important that these preferences and in interest be rolled into Brittney’s plan (McCaffery, 2010). In addition, developing goals and concreate actions plans was also key. Brittney’s goal was to meet with her staff and develop a clear mission statement and vision statement for her department that reflected everyone’s thoughts. She also wanted to develop a new training method for her team to follow, that would help reduce workloads. It is important that Brittney designed goals that would not move her company backwards, but …show more content…
Brittney’s interest is in developing a team of employees that feel as though their opinions matter. This can only be done through successful communication and a positive attitude. Brittney’s plan encompasses reframing and focusing on her attitude at all times. It is important that she focuses on the bright side of things and remembers that people are naturally attracted to others when they are being positive. Communication will also be key when it comes to maintaining a positive attitude. Having boundless leadership skills includes being able to openly and precisely communicate vision, goals, skills, intentions, and expectations to others. This also includes the ability to listen to what other people are consciously or unconsciously communicating. In order to become a great communicator, Brittney will continually strive to improve her verbal, nonverbal, and listening skills (Seligman,

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