Mba-Fp6004 Chandasmith Assessment-1 Essay

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I am repeating this course. I have not made any modifications to this assessment since I last took this course and would like my previous evaluation scores to be applied to this submission.

Wonderlic Writing Assessment
Chanda Smith
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In today’s workplace, there a many skills that are sought after and are needed in order to be successful. An individual will find areas that may need to grow and improve; however, I believe that there are skills that organizations are looking for across the board. The top skills that I will be expounding upon are the ability to be analytical, the ability to communicate effectively, the ability to be maintain a positive attitude, the ability to
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An individual should always be ‘easy’ to communicate with in any situation. This trait will allow interaction to be more pleasant and productive. Communicating effectively will create harmony in a group setting and positive productivity when working through issues in the work place.
Attitude is an important word in the workplace. The ability to maintain a positive attitude is vital. This skill requires the individual to learn how to overcome adversity. In the workplace, there are daily issues that may arise – including conflicts with other coworkers. If an individual maintains a positive attitude, they will be able work through problems optimistically and work with others while maintaining a better attitude. This skill be also allow the individual to be easy to communicate with in any situation. This skill may seem simple; however, it is something that all people have to work at on a daily basis. A positive attitude can be infectious and one may find that others in the workplace will grow to have better attitudes.
Even though an individual may be hired to do a specific job, there may come a time that they are needed to perform other tasks. This is when the individual needs to be able to multitask. Multitasking may be the only way to get projects done. An individual may be required to ‘where many hats’ and have deadlines to reach. Being able to multitask and work well under stress is another critical skill to

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