Mba Essay

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All through my undergraduate study, I had dreamt of working in an oil company where global exposure, offshore training, extensive network, exposure and fantastic pay would be mine. Unfortunately, a lull in the industry at the time of my graduation made it difficult to get a placement at any of such organisations and hence, I failed to actualize my dream! Despite this disappointment, I took up a position at an accounting firm and made the required career change from Petroleum Engineering to Accounting and Professional Services. Since joining a Big 4 in Nigeria, I have become a chartered accountant and have obtained certifications in Risk Management. Having done so well in that time, I have come to realise that my ultimate goal is now to …show more content…
The question now is, which business school will provide the best platform for the learning and exposure required? A close friend of mine with whom I graduated, from the University, had proceeded to the same school immediately after graduation for a masters’ degree programme. Her narration of her experience at business school left an indelible mark in my memory. Recently, my neighbours, also provided insights on their experience as students of the Global MBA program. I suddenly realized that my search for the right school was over. The school will afford me the right and exact global learning opportunity that I require. The Global MBA Programme will best prepare me for the road ahead and will complement my corporate background in developing the skills particularly in fields that I need further coaching and exposure in which are Marketing Management, Strategy, Organisational Behaviours and Global Microeconomics. I look forward to the Global Experience week that will enrich me intellectually. I strongly believe that the depth of learning and exposure on the Global MBA Programme will further enhance my experience and prepare me for the aspired role. From the school, I look to gain a multi-cultural learning experience, interact with people of all backgrounds and absorb their insights whilst sharing mine as well. In particular,

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