Mayella Ewell Family

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During that time period, a white lady had more power than black men. However, the Ewell family who were known as “white trash’ and that their whole family had been isolated from the society of Maycomb. Since she came from the Ewells family, she never experienced romantic love with a man. However, she was one of the young women who wanted to experience love in their lifetime. Therefore, she tried to kiss Tom Robinson by standing in his way to the door. Since she knew that this would cause her trouble, she lied and blamed it on Tom Robinson saying that he was the one who was trying to rape her, at the court.

During the court session, she blamed everything on Tom Robinson although he never did commit the crime. Since, she was in a panicked mood, she knew that she was going to be in a huge trouble if they
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Since she wanted to get rid off me because he knew what really happened. She thought that making him alive would threatens her that she wouldn’t be able lose power over him。She chosed this way to stop their families from downgrading even more just because of what she wanted. Therefore, she had to use Tom Robinson , a colored man to protect their family status. She also didn’t like the fact of making his father know what happened. Since when he get drunk he does domestic violence to Mayella Ewells. For example, In conclusion, Mayella Ewell had to lie that it was Tom Robinson , who raped Mayella Ewell. Since, she was forced by Bob Ewell (father), who was doing domestic violence and since she had to obey his father. She also couldn’t confess that she was lying after the court especially risking Tom Robinson's life since colored men was at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Therefore, if the people in Maycomb found out that she was the one who kissed Tom Robinson, and was the one that made him guilty, it will make her a bad repetitions. For this reason she wasn’t able to confess that she

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