Theme Of To Kill A Mockingbird Good Vs Evil

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Our whole lives we are taught don't steal, don't cheat, don’t lie, don’t be ungraceful, keep your promises, and don't judge, for this reason one of the most important themes of To Kill a Mockingbird is the book’s moral nature of human beings. Whether people are evil or good is based on the morals we were taught when we were young. Scout and Jem’s perspective is of childhood innocence, in which they predict that all people are good because evil has never affected them. If the story were told from a more adult view, they have known about the evil of the world. As a result of the change from innocence to experience, one of the most important themes is the hatred between the races. Prejudice, and ignorance harm innocent people such as Tom Robinson who is not evil as many people take him for. Jem discovers how cruel the world is when the trial ends and even though all evidence is in Tom’s favor he is found guilty. Scout doesn't completely understand which makes Jem’s view important to the reader. Jem learns how unjust the world is and the evil that surrounds him while Scout has only learned that bad things can happen to good people.
Although Jem sees that Tom is innocent most of the town will still say he is guilty just because he is a colored man. Mayella Ewell and her family were poor and on the lesser side of the white folk. When
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Whites always came first with colored folks left at the end. Scout Finch shows us her opinion of racism when she says “I think there is just one kind of folks, folks.” When you hear these words from such a young aged child your heart almost gets lost in the pain of what racism really was. Had Miss Mayella been a colored girl and Tom Robinson been a colored man the trial might have been dismissed and if there was a trial all evidence would show Tom was innocent and that Mayella’s father hit

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