Mavericks at Work Book Review Essay

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Mavericks at Work

William C. Taylor & Polly Labarre
Book Review

Lau Wa Kwan, Edwin


MM511 Managing Organizations and People (2011/2012 Term 1)

In the past 10-20 years, the environment changed vigorously due to globalization and rapid development of internet. If organizations just follow the old success formula, probably it will go out of business. In the book “Mavericks at Work”, William C. Taylor & Polly Labarre mentioned how “Mavericks” leaded their company to success in this fast changing environment. According to Oxford Dictionary, Mavericks means “an unorthodox or independent-minded person”. This book showed how Mavericks’ unorthodox thinking leaded companies to success.
4 mains areas
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As there are too many grassroots and they are worldwide located, the company cannot communicate with them one by one. Lower communication channel richness methods such as email / Memo were used. Therefore the Mavericks focus narrow and tightly define so that every participant could understand the requirements easily. An example is when Marketplace limited the competition topic to single country and single theme, better ideas were generated by grassroots.
As different from internal management, an open source leader does not have any leadership position power over the grassroots. The only thing the leader can do is to be open and transparent.
Part Three: Reconnecting with Customers
Many companies only focus on their products, their controlling process is mainly focus on the cost and quality of their product. They seldom connect with the customers and even set tricks in hotline to stop their customers reaching them. However, the Mavericks performed the controlling process mainly based on customers’ experience and they even make use of the customers in controlling process.
Controlling Culture
Even a company has good mission and competitive strategy, the employees may not follow and the customers will not be convinced. An example in the book is Commerce Bank, aiming at “Greating memorable experience” of the customers. In order to have good control in the organization to achieve its mission, the Mavericks built up

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