Essay Math Vs. Math Education

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As I look back at my math education, I realize that I have always had a good relationship with math. Math was and still is my favorite subject. I have always been really good with math and did not have to spend a lot of time studying it. In fact, my teachers use to have me help other students who were struggling with math. I would do my work in class and as soon as I finished my work, I would go help other students with their work. I am very satisfied with my level of knowledge and I am very confident with math. I believe that my success in math is due to all of the wonderful teachers I had while growing up. Math has always been my favorite subject because it just clicked very fast with me. The teachers that I had were all really great at explaining how to do the math and made it very fun. We were always playing some kind of game so it was very easy to stay engaged. While we had the occasional worksheet, we did not have a lot of them. My teachers let us play games, get into groups to do the math, and let us work math problems on the board. I use to love going up to the chalkboard and working my problems out. I remember all of my math teachers for the most part, but there are three that really stood out to me. The first teacher that stood out to me was my third-grade math teacher, Mrs. Coleman. We were always doing something fun in her classroom. I remember the entire class was struggling with learning their multiplication facts. She came in one day and told us she had a…

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