Math 201 Essay

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MATH201 - Assignment 1 1. Conde Nast Traveler magazine conducts an annual survey of subscribers in order to determine the best places to stay throughout the world. Table 1.6 shows a sample of nine European hotels (Cond Nast Traveler, January 2000). The price of a standard double room during the hotels high season ranges from $ (lowest price) to $$$$ (highest price). The overall score includes subscribers evaluations of each hotels rooms, service, restaurants, location/atmosphere, and public areas; a higher overall score corresponds to a higher level of satisfaction. (a) How many elements are in this data set? (b) How many variables are in this data set? (c) Which variables are qualitative and which variables are quantitative? (d) What type …show more content…

5. The Gallup organization conducted a telephone survey with a randomly selected national sample of 1005 adults, 18 years and older. The survey asked the respondents, How would you describe your own physical health at this time? (, February 7, 2002). Response categories were Excellent, Good, Only Fair, Poor, and No Opinion. (a) What was the sample size for this survey? (b) Are the data qualitative or quantitative? (c) Would it make more sense to use averages or percentages as a summary of the data for this question? (d) Of the respondents, 29% said their personal health was excellent. How many individuals provided this response? 6. The Commerce Department reported receiving the following applications for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: 23 from large manufacturing firms, 18 from large service firms, and 30 from small businesses. (a) Is type of business a qualitative or quantitative variable? (b) What percentage of the applications came from small businesses? 7. A survey of 430 business travelers found 155 business travelers used a travel agent to make the travel arrangements (USA Today, November 20, 2003). (a) Develop a descriptive statistic that can be used to estimate the percentage of all business travelers who use a travel agent to make travel arrangements. (b) The survey reported that the most frequent way business travelers make travel arrange- ments is by using an online travel site. If 44%

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