Mastering Hell On Earth : The Commander Of The Xxi Bomber Command

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Mastering Hell on Earth
Major General Curtis LeMay’s role as the commander of the XXI Bomber Command influenced the victory against Japan with his ultimate success in the areas of strategic, operational and tactical levels of warfare. Without LeMay’s innovation and gallantry the United States’ warfare tactics would have continued to be ineffective against the Japanese homeland. LeMay’s focus on the Pacific theater of operation while commanding led to the largest and most effective air raid of the war. By adapting when, where and how the XXI bombed our targets lead to the swift ending of the war and saved countless lives of the troops who might have had to make an amphibious attack on the main islands. General LeMay did not play a pivotal role in the ending of the war due to his bravery which he showed by personally leading some of the most dangerous missions of the war, but by using his intelligence to choose targets that would make the greatest impact against the Japanese as well as changing from the tactics used European theater to save lives. War is a horrible part of humanity and the United States prefers to avoid civilian loss of life but LeMay said “I had to do something” (Ralph 495). Some may say that Curtis LeMay was is a commander who bombed Japan to the ground with no planning and could have been replaced with any other commander but this not the case at all. LeMay started his career flying the 305th Bomber Group from England to be part of the Combined Bomber…

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