Compare Marx And Weber's Contribution To The Origins Of Capitalism

Marx and Weber are some of the most influential thinkers within sociology, their work helped to define and explain a phenomenon that was drastically altering the fabric of 18th and 19th century Europe, Capitalism. In trying to define what capitalism was both sociologists looked for an explanation in its origins, both seeing similar yet ultimately very radically different factors contributing to the origins of Capitalism in feudal Europe. Marx with his ‘scientific’ approach (which some argue only appears in his later works, for example Das Kapital), attempting to quantify the origins of capitalism with scientifically testable data (Marx really was the first to do this within the field of sociology), and Weber with his more psycho-analitical …show more content…
During primitive communism the only things produced are things that fulfill basic necessity, there are no profit margins and no protection of property and wealth. There is little in terms of technology and any advances in weapons or tool technology to the decline of these primitive societies and the transition into ancient societies. An ancient society is characterized by large scale slave ownership, who are property and are treated so in whatever basic laws are in place, the slaves(domineered class) out number the masters(domineering class). An example of this type would be the Greco-Roman societies in and around the Mediterranean. These societies cannot survive as their economic structures disintegrate from within, as the increasingly centralized government cannot cope with governing the edges of the empire (i.e. from barbarian

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