Karl Marx's Summary: Marxism And Communism And Capitalism

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The Controversies
(An analysis of Karl Marx’s book about communism and capitalism.)

Who got us working with the communist idea? There are many who wrote about it, but a man named Karl Marx had a strong opinion about it. Karl Marx began studying at the University of Bonn, he had two semesters there. Then he was imprisoned for disturbing the peace, then after he went to the University of Berlin. He received his doctorate from the University of Jena and began working as a journalist. Soon that place was closed and he went on to what his big interest was. He focused a lot on capitalism and economic theory. Marx wrote many manuscript and other writings. Britannica wrote about him and said, “Karl Marx wrote books now considered by Communists all
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Capitalism is a political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. In The Communist Manifesto, Marx specifically states that, “Capital is therefore not only personal; it is a social power.” This is stating that each of us own our property and belongings, not the state. By saying that capitalism is a social force, it must be taken on by the whole society. One man cannot walk into a country and change it from being a capital society into a communist society, it does not work like that. People are bigger than one person. If we all decide we want something that bad, we will decide to work together to get that. Just like we work hard for our own belongings and we do not have to share them, no one can take them. Dr. Harper goes along with Marx saying, “Individualism is a set of beliefs that economic success comes from one 's own hard work, and that private life is more important than public life; it is an "ideology based on self-determination," where a person can freely choose what he or she wants to do.” (Dr. Harper) We all work really hard for what we have in life, and what we earn we should keep to ourselves. Not everyone has enough drive to earn what they want, but when they get this they should be able to reach their goals and keep it. We learn what we want …show more content…
Growing up and living under your parents roof is what all children must do, since they cannot provide for themselves. All things they use, wear, and eat are from their parent’s hard work. They are not earning for themselves, they are using their parents. Carol Stacks in a multicultural magazine from Detroit talks about how, “Families are society 's building blocks. Healthy, well-educated families with stable incomes make for healthy societies.” (Carol Stacks) Looking at families and how they are raised, is how the society will be in thirty years, we must teach children young so they can grow up and provide for not just themselves, but for their families. As you learn and grow, you then become part of the society and chose capitalism. Growing out of communism, because looking at evidence you can see it is just not right for most societies. Communism is hard on societies, Marx puts this in harsh terms, “In this sense, the theory of Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” Whenever I hear abolition I think of the cruelty done to the African-Americans, the abolition of private property sounds harsh to me, but that is what communism is. You no longer have what is rightfully yours, you share it with the state. That is why once you become of age you move out into the world of

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