Essay on The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx And Fredrick Engles

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The Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engles is a book that has, perhaps, one of the most profound effects on recent human history. This short book has inspired new ways of thinking about government, money relations, family, and even history. Marx and Engles believe that human history can be arranged into three crucial periods. The first being the ancient societies such as the Greeks or Romans, the second is called the feudal societies or the European middle ages, then lastly, as a society we have entered the Capitalist society. The Communist Manifesto is an argument against Capitalism as well as a philosophy on how humans should live their lives and the part government should play in people’s lives. The basic premise Mark and Engles suggest is to eliminate private property and allow the government to run businesses and corporations. They believe that wealth is concentrated in the hands of few, the bourgeois, which exploits the working class called the proletarians, and by taking away private property, people would finally be able to live together in peace without a huge gap in wealth. This idea is not necessarily offering a historical outlook, although they discuss history a bit, but rather offers a new, radically different perspective that historians can take and turn into a historical theory. In what ways can Marxist ideas be used as a historical theory? It is deprived from The Communist Manifesto’s main ideas on looking at a couple different things:…

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