Difference Between Pluralism And Majoritarianism

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9. Which do you think is more accurate the pluralist view or the majoritarian view? (Which can stop police brutality?)
I think the pluralist view is more accurate when it comes to stopping police brutality. I think this because the pluralist view conveys that democracy comes from openness of the system to group interests, and competition, but not as a result of mass participation. On the other hand, the majoritarian view is based upon a decision by majority. Majoritarianism is a traditional political philosophy that declares that a majority of the population is entitled to a certain degree of priority in society. It also means that the population has the right to make decisions that affect the society. This traditional view has come under
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Pluralism is basically interest group competition, meaning as long as there is the interaction of diverse interest, the public interest is served by the competition of groups in policy making. This is a conflict where the public interest is served, meaning democracy is at work. Some of the pluralist views include relativism, openness, individualism, divided authority, and it assumes that mass opinion and ignorance are not necessarily the same as public interest. Although I do believe in some of the majoritarian views, I think the pluralist view is a more accurate view when it comes to stopping police cruelty. I think this because I believe it is true that if you view a societal problem from the majority of a population, not all people are going to agree with what that majority’s views. Some people could still completely disagree or only agree with some of the majority’s views. I also think the pluralist view is more accurate because it believes in divided authority and diverse individualism which could essentially help stop police brutality. Lastly, I think it is more accurate because if a magnitude of groups are to …show more content…
Max Weber can be defined as a leading scholar and founder of modern sociology. Max Weber and a German economist wrote an essay titled, Politics as a Vocation. Politics as a Vocation analyzes the pursuit of power over the state. The essay highlights, that states use force, force is power, so politics is essentially power. Without Politics as a Vocation, Weber also discusses what the state is. Weber describes the state as a specific type of political organization where official institutions and society interact through the use of power. America currently use Weber’s philosophy on how we view politics and the state. John Locke also plays a key role in the way we analyze the political system. Locke wrote Second Treatise on Government which states the government should be limited and they cannot take away an individual’s fundamental rights. Locke explains individuals have God given rights that are natural and unalienable. Locke also came up with the philosophy of life, liberty and property. Today, the United States uses Locke’s philosophy that individuals have natural and alienable rights that the government cannot take away. This brings us to Jean- Jacques Rousseau, Rousseau wrote The Social Contract. The Social Contract is a theory or model that states individuals have free will. Rousseau outlines that God gives

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