Marvel Of The Comic Industry Essay

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DC and Marvel are the biggest names in the comic industry. With multiple comic lines and universes and an abundance of characters. The comics are limitless, however the movie universe is a different story. Whether you are an avid comic reader or not, and with numorous movies under each comic giant, you may have seen at least one or even multiple movies. Like with great empires, one clearly triumphs over the other. With that in mind, this so called 'war ' between the great powers in the comic world begins.

Let 's talk about how they are different. DC is darker and more appling to the people who may like the gritty storyline. This is definitely a comic line for the more mature of audiences. The darker theme may not appeal to everyone though. Marvel is more "family friendly" in some senses of the phrase. Marvel does have its fair share of darkness, as it does this with some of the origin stories and a few other means. Marvel has no lack of heroics and drama. DC has plenty of character building and has many dark twists to the plot.

DC has put out many animated movies and they have been beautifully put together. The show Flash and Arrow have had tremendous success. DC has those areas rooting in their favor. The big screen movies seem to be lacking. Batman and Superman seem to be the big thing when it comes to big screen movies. Each franchise had multiple reboots with different acters taking up the name of seid hero. Most notably Michael Keaton, Goerge Cloony, Christan…

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