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Marvel Enterprises, Inc. is an industry-leading firm whose core business is character-based entertainment. Marvel’s foundation and success is built on their proprietary library of over 4,700 characters featured in a variety of media for nearly seventy years (1939-2004). Marvel utilizes its character franchises in licensing agreements, and publishing of comic books through the division of Marvel Comics. Marvel's strategy is to leverage its characters in a growing array of opportunities around the world, through their main business of licensing for entertainment media including feature films, consumer products, toys, video games, animated television, and
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Consumers want to experience the emotions of characters[v], and connect to them on a one to one basis. All this can be achieved through digital media such as websites, tv shows, movies, and online character portals. Marvel needs to begin personalizing the superhero experience and giving consumers control on how they interpertate what their hero stands for. Hence, by adopting the strategy of producing digital media, Marvel needs to ensure that the following conditions in regards to consumer preferences is met: 1)Make content portable 2)Enable consumer ratings and reviews 3)Invest in online video 4)Think beyond the homepage 5) Take small steps with mobile.
EFFECTS OF NEW BUSINESS LINE ON EXISTING DIVISIONS For years Marvel has been relying on standing out in the eyes of consumers not as a firm/brand that competes well, but as a firm who has a symbolic meaning in people’s lifestyles and values. Their extraordinary success has been attributed to their ability to forge a deep connection with society’s culture which has helped label Marvel as an iconic brand.[vi] Through Marvel, society and consumers get to experience powerful myths; myths of superhuman abilities where good, no matter how long or tough the journey, prevails over evil. Hence, it is safe to say that iconic brands such as Marvel do not compete in the

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