Essay on Marta 's Iud Was Embedded Of Her Uterine Wall

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Marta’s IUD was embedded in her uterine wall. Her eyes screamed in panic as we approached. She waved her small hands in front of her. “No! No, no. Por favor, no!” The doctor sighed and looked out at the line of patients that had gathered at the mobile clinic on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. It had been a long day. Willing patients were waiting and his attention to Marta was faltering. I had to do something. Unable to share her language, I took her hand instead and nodded. “I will be here with you the entire time,” I pressed, hoping she would understand. She fell silent, but her hand squeezed back. “Together,” I said. Marta nodded. My love of medicine was born from a fascination with science; a growing curiosity about the human body and brain.I learned to appreciate the intricate pathways of veins, muscle groups, and organ systems I studied in anatomy class, and how every part works together to keep us alive. From learning different breaks in bones and how to splint them to tachycardia symptoms and how to take someone’s pulse, my training as an EMT gave me the skills I needed to apply scientific theory to real-world situations. Medicine brought science to life, and I loved every moment of it. It was this exposure to medical knowledge and science that led me to my current job as a research technician in Dr. Barcellos-Hoff’s lab.Our lab mainly focuses on the mechanisms by which transforming growth factor beta,a protein, affects irradiated cells and tissues. Looking through a…

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