Marriage Young And Divorce Young Essay

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Marriage young and Divorce Younger Marriage is the easiest part of my story to tell and divorce is the hardest. I got married without the feeling of being in love and divorcing without the feeling of being sorry . Why did I get married that young ? Why did I choose to be irrational instead of being rational ?. My marriage disappointed me, made me cry, made me suffer, and i was depressed. it definitely shaped my edges to a wonderful way that made me see clearly and learn quickly.
First, everything started through Facebook, I got a message from a strange man asking me to teach him photography, he said “ I really like your photography, Can you teach me? “ I said “ Yes, why not lets meet at the mall after I finish my work”. We met and started talking about the job but then I felt the subject was going to a different direction, I asked “ is this a date !” and I felt uncomfortable, I was surprised from the situation, I never faced this before, for no reasons I said “ Ok, why not, I am single too”. We started dating and everything was perfect, we discussed our future and everything was going well as we desired, After two weeks, He asked “ Can I meet your Mom”, A moment full of silence I said “ Why ???”, He said “

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