Marriage Divorce Of The United States Essay

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Marriage Divorce For the past 70 plus years, the institution of marriage has been continuously evolving. Marriage is a foundational unit in society and has many forms across different cultures and different eras. The institution is considered to be a permanent arrangement between one man and one woman, involving mutual rights and obligations. 4,000 years ago, the purpose of marriage was “primarily [used] as means of preserving power…forge alliances, acquire land, [and to] produce legitimate heirs.” (SCTJM : 2010) Between the twentieth and twenty-first century, marriage evolved to become based on the exclusive, romantic union between one man and one woman. Thus, the quality of the relationship is evaluated. Instead of “death do us part,” married partners begin to solve their troubles with divorce. In the United States, divorce rates increased steadily from 1870 to 1995, then began dropping due to the fact that people are postponing marriage. As the option of marriage is becoming more normalized than ever, individuals are beginning to tailor their union according to their happiness and lifestyle.
The Past: 1950’s In the 1950’s, a couple was typically married following high school graduation or during college. A probable influence was the fact that the soaring economy and post-war relief resulting World War II led many young couples to settle down and begin families. With economic prosperity of these years, GI bills were given to military men providing…

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