Essay on Marriage : A Life Of Routine

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Sandra Daaboul
Santa Daaboul
Notre Dame University - Louaize
ENL 213 – B
Monday, May 26, 2014

The Life of Routine
Claim: marriages which last for a long period of time lead to a life of routine because of the boredom and the physical and emotional withdrawal.
I. Boredom
A. Lack of fun
B. Death of conversation
II. Physical and emotional withdrawal
A. Less closeness between partners
B. Absence of romance
III. Lasting of romantic love in relationships
A. Originality and independency
B. Sexy marriage, less conflicts and more understanding

The Life of Routine
Marriage is a religiously and socially legal union of a man and a woman who decided to spend their life together; and also marriage is the relationship in which two partners have bonded themselves to each other as a wife and husband. Moreover, being married means becoming one person, having one life with same perspectives and respecting each other’s aims. According to Fineman (2014) in her article “A theory of dependency,” marriage is defined as the track to personal and familial relief which not only leads to dependency but also kills the individual responsibilities (p.18). Thus, marriages which last for a long period of time may lead to a life of routine between couples for two main reasons, the first reason is boredom and the second one is the emotional and physical withdrawal. All in all, marriages are threatened to be ended because of…

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