Marketing Strategy Essay

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Marketing Strategy Final Examination

The Kindle Fire: Amazon’s Heated Battle for the Tablet Market

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Q1. It seems ambiguous whether the Kindle Fire can be categorized as a tablet or e-reader. Nowadays, these two terms are looking and performing quite similarly thus making it difficult to tell them apart. There are some important differences between the two that will prove useful in making this distinction. The first is screen size as the Kindle Fire has a 7-ich screen, which is consistent with most other e-readers. In contrast, tablets come in a range of sizes but some of the more popular ones such as the i-Pad can have 10-iche screens. Another
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The investment in establishing business-to-business partnerships with colleges, universities and their bookstores will be complex given the need for strategic management and punctuality in distributing and updating e-texts. However, students will always need textbooks and are always looking for convenient ways to save money and stress regarding their academics. The opportunity to channel all school material into one device seems to be a meaningful option, not to mention students being tech-savvy where adoption has a likely chance gaining traction.
The Kindle Fire has already positioned itself as a more attractive option for consumers in terms of saving money on their tablet purchase; the opportunity to steal back some of the e-textbook market from B&N would be possible. Other students and I who look at the B&N product can be quick to assume the product is a copycat to the Kindle Fire (or Kindle in general) and that the innovation by the company was not genuine in nature. Amazon has a history of being a leader with innovation. The need to update existing file formats to make this all possible will make students will feel they can get more value with their Kindle Fire (both in short/long term) by having the other successful Amazon products at their disposal when using the product.

a) The Kindle Fire has demonstrated that despite a risky strategy of being a loss leader in hardware revenue, Amazon is able to make up for this with significant revenue in

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