Marketing Strategy Essay

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Marketing Strategy 6

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This report is mainly focusing on studies of marketing strategy. By analyzing and discussing the case of Zara, we will be able to have a more in depth analysis of companies and their marketing strategies.

In the background section, basic knowledge of marketing strategy will be introduced.

In the discussion section, an analysis of
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This is why a famous brand as Zara still can keep the price of the products reasonable.

Secondly, Zara is using a differentiation strategy by designing a large number of different styles. Customers have plenty of choices when they are shopping at Zara compare to other stores, they will find huge number of different designs for them to choose. And every time they come back, the customers may find some new products since the turnover rate of Zara’s products is very high. It is said that buying from Zara will make you always different from others and always in fashion. (
Thirdly, Zara has a highly efficient distribution method. Different from its competitors who focus their attention on promoting predicted season’s trends via fashion shows and similar channels of influence, Zara response quickly to the change of fashion and integrate the product designing into the supply chain system in order to design, produce and distribute in the fastest way. In this way, Zara is able to satisfy the customers’ wants.

Fourthly, information technology is helping Zara with its business a lot. Zara spent years to build up and perfect its information system. This system enables the manager of each store to analyze sales, decide what the store needs, and report to

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