Marketing Strategy Of The Mars Inc. Essay

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Introduction The Mars Inc. candy company distinguishes itself as a leader in the business world by effectively understanding their marketing strategies. For the purpose of this writing, descriptions and evaluations to their pricing and retail strategies for their M&M products/brand will be reviewed. Additionally, an analysis of the company 's current market situation will be provided, as well as their strategic plans to stay competitive. A brief comprehensive summary will conclusively show how and why the M&M 's/Mars Inc. company has been so successful. As early as 1941, the Mars company has been manufacturing M&M chocolate candies. One of their first marketing channels was the U.S.military. This channel proved to be successful because Mars had created a new kind of chocolate that was produced within an edible candy shell. Their unforgettable slogan, “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” proved to be true, as well as a world wide success. Since then, the Mars company has grown their M&M brand to an international level, and continues to lead the market with various marketing strategies.
Pricing and Retail Strategy M&M 's can be seen just about anywhere throughout the retailing world, and in numerous outlets. Most commonly used are food chain suppliers, movie theaters, and vending machines; however, non-food channels, such as hardware stores or clothing retailers offer the delectable delicacies as well. The reason for this is due to the Mars company 's ever…

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