Sears Advertising Campaign Analysis

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Introduction Sears is using innovative techniques to target teens and tweens in hops that they influence their parents to make the purchase. Sears is becoming apart of teens and tweens life’s in an effort to successfully obtain this market and become a cool brand.
Previous Store Image Prior to the existing campaign Sears did not focus on teens or tweens. Sears previously focused on being the one place that customers could purchase everything. There old advertising campaign was, ‘for everything under the tree, there’s Sears’ (Canada Newswire , 2015). This campaign gave Sears a certain store image. A store image is the consumers or the target market’s perception of the store over all attributes associated with the retail store (Hawkins,
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The younger the child the more involved their parents will be in purchase decisions. For example, babies do not have much impact on parents buying decisions unless they will not eat a certain baby food or it makes them sick. Once children get to the age where they can vocalize what they want they start to influence buying decisions much more. Parents are still involved in teen and tween purchase decisions. This explains why Sears has previously targeted advertising efforts towards the parents. Sears recognizes that if they target the teens and tweens that have influences on the parents they will be more likely to make the more …show more content…
The attribute based choice is what most teens and tweens use when making retail purchasing decisions (Veigle, 1999). Teens are constantly looking for approval from their friends on social networks (Arnold, 2016). Sears is using social media and commercials to become more popular with teens and tweens. Fashion and clothing options can be very emotional for shoppers. The attribute based strategy use a very clear communication structure with their customers (Toivonen, et al., 2009). They are
Here + Now Campaign Sears now + here campaign is connecting shoppers emotionally. It is clear that Sears is trying to connect with its buyer’s emotional aspects of style. This campaign is showing that Sears is making great efforts to be cool and trendy for teens and tweens. The Now + Here campaign is effective for attribute based shoppers because it is connecting with them emotionally and they can share items they love from Sears on their social media networks.
In conclusion In conclusion, Sears is making great efforts to target teens and tweens. They are striving to become the cool place to shop. They are penetrating the social networking opportunities with ads and becoming apart of the teens and tweens

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