Nordstrom Swot Analysis

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Nordstrom is an upscale family-run retailer store. Most of Nordstrom’s shoppers are wealthy individuals willing to pay whatever the price is for high-end products. Therefore, the company makes every effort to offer its customer with the finest merchandise selection, quality, and value. The store strives itself to sell a broad range of fashionable apparel, shoes and accessories to the whole family, embracing well-known brands such as UGG, Tom Ford, Longchamp among others. Besides carrying renowned brands, Nordstrom carries its exclusive clothing line. The upscale department store, corporate culture and mission are always to serve its customers with a smile. Nordstrom has been a successful corporation in the retailing industry through its …show more content…
The three main components of Nordstrom outstanding customer service are attention to detail, ability to empower its employees and technological innovations. Nordstrom is constantly trying to innovate itself. In fact, the company was the first upscale retail store to enter into e-commerce as an attempt to enhance the store efficiency, and ease customers shopping experience. As a matter of fact, Nordstrom anticipates that most of its future growth and revenue will come from e-commerce. The company has been heavily investing in improving its website and mobile app to facilitate its customer’s navigation, search, and checkout. For the convenience of its shoppers, Nordstrom offers free shipping and return to its online buyers. Even though it cost Nordstrom more money to offer free shipping to its customers, the company do so to promote a long lasting and loyal relationship with its clientele. Also, Nordstrom exceeds its customer’s expectations by hiring individuals who are willing to help and please others. To better guide and assist customers Nordstrom’s sales associates are trained to know the exact type of clothes a customer prefers as soon as he or she enters the store. To make shoppers feel special, the company encourages its sales representatives to provide personalized customer service by knowing customer’s name and preferences. Also, to motivate its employees to provide outstanding customer service Nordstrom reward employees who provide the best and heroic customer service. The only rule to be followed by Nordstrom’s salespeople is never let customers leave the store unsatisfied. Reaching out to young customers on a budget is another successful strategy taken by Nordstrom. The company tries to reach t Millennials through its outlet department store, Nordstrom Rack, providing them with the latest trends with an affordable price tag. The idea behind

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