Marketing Strategy Of Audi

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International marketing is an important part of any business. It can be the difference between being successful or not. Audi is a company that does international marketing with great outcomes. They use international marketing to not only grow their company, but also solidify it as one of the leading manufactures in the automobile industry. Audi has an interesting way that it goes it about doing its market strategy and how it has made its brand a luxurious item. There are several advantages and disadvantages to Audi’s market strategy. It is also why they are as successful as they are. Many things could be done differently, but it is not clear if this would lead to Audi being more successful. With Audi’s current international marketing strategy,
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This means they target a certain social class and market accordingly. For Audi the social class that is targeted are from upper class social groups. They are the ones that can afford this car. Audi markets this car to that select group of people, yet it has one of the most profitable cars. Why is that? How can a company with such a niche product still be just as profitable or even more profitable as a car that markets to the masses, such as Toyota? How can it compete with luxurious cars that are known for marketing in the same niche group as Audi, like Porch for example? Audi has in interesting way about how it markets its car to stand out against competitor. A social class is almost marketed completely and is determined by Audi. An Audi car is not known for its speed, although this is not to say they are slow cars by any means. Luxury is the main marketing tool Audi uses. They want people to see that whoever owns this car is not only well off but prefers an attractive design, high-caliber materials and a build quality. In the Audi Sports magazine, one can see just how Audi goes about marketing their brand. In the magazine there are few pages dedicated to the speed of the car. Instead most of the magazine is dedicated to the look and the feel of the car. The design, the interior, the luxurious features, all of these things are at the forefront of the magazine. This is how Audi sets itself apart from …show more content…
Audi basis who it markets to by its four P’s (Cole Ehmke, Joan Fulton, and Jayson Lusk). The fist P in the four P’s is the product. Audi had to look at their product and see just who they could market to. Their product is a car and which has the benefit of being able to be market to many demographics. Audi could market to teenagers, working adults, and retirees. It is a flexible product and this benefits Audi in many ways. One may ask why Audi would want to market to teenagers. It would seem this would be counterproductive to their market strategy. In fact, this benefits the company. Audi can sell a dream along the lines of “this car signifies one is the top of his social class” setting up potential customers for the future when that teenager is an adult. Audi is not worried about its product because they sell themselves. One of the biggest factors Audi does primarily market to upper social classes is another one of its P’s, price. Because of the price of its parts, an Audi is not cheap. Audi is expensive therefor it would be a waste of time to market to someone who couldn’t afford it outside of selling a dream. They want people not only to want their car but to buy it as well. The upper class is more likely to buy a car for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It would be a waste of time to market to people that do not have an extra hundred thousand dollars to spend on a car. When considering how

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