Marketing Strategy For Goodman Fielder New Zealand

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Executive Summary

This proposal was prepared and written for Goodman Fielder New Zealand Limited that aims to help them for their marketing plan for the year 2017. Goodman Fielder New Zealand Limited is a food manufacturer and distributor based in Auckland Central. Their products reached from Australia and New Zealand, and China and Papua New Guinea. Their company is focused on the production of baking goods, dairy, flour and grocery items. Amongst their product list are Chesdale Cheeses, Quality Baker’s Bread, Tucker Ice Cream and Meadow Fresh Dairy.
The marketing proposal is focused on the present and the past marketing of Goodman Fielder Ltd. Specifically on Meadow Fresh which is Goodman Fielder’s main milk and dairy brand, and its performance
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Marketing Strategies
3.3.1. Offensive Marketing Strategies
Offensive marketing strategy aims to attack a market by pointing on the weaknesses of the competitors and in comparison highlighting the organisation’s strengths (Lee & Carter, 2012).
Currently, Meadow Fresh is practicing a Full Frontal marketing strategy against Anchor. A Full Frontal Strategy, also known as a Full Frontal Attack is a marketing strategy that directly parallels that of their competitor. This is considered a risky strategy due to it contending with the competitions strengths.
We would like to suggest a change from Full Frontal to a Flanking Attack strategy. A flanking attack marketing strategy is an offensive marketing strategy that focuses on the competitor’s weak points. Whether it be price, distribution or quality of products, the main idea of a flanking attack is to focus on what the completion does not offer and use it to our advantage.
3.4. Marketing Tactics
3.4.1. Product Strategy Analysis
Market Penetration Strategy
Market penetration involves the increasing of the market share within the existing market. Which is achieved thru selling more products and/or services to existing consumers and/or by looking for new consumers into an existing market (Hill & Jones,
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The main advantage of Anchor would be its recognition by the immigrant market in NZ, becoming their preferred brand. To compete, Meadow Fresh needs to compete with its pricing, making it more affordable and enticing to the immigrant market will see an increase in their sales.
3.4.3. Place Strategy Analysis
Selective Distribution
Selective distribution is a strategy that involves a producer that uses limited number of channels to sell products in an area geographically (Pride & Ferrell, 2010).
Due to the higher operation and production costs, Meadow Fresh needs to be more selective with its distribution channels. It needs to control is supply to make sure that it earns positive revenue and target specific locations for distribution where their demand is the strongest.
3.4.4. Promotion Strategy Analysis
Advertising Strategy
Advertising is a strategy to persuade and to reach the customers for them to buy products and/or services (Kotler & Keller, 2011).
Meadow Fresh has recently undergone a major rebranding and expansion of most of its products. They’ve adapted new packaging that emphasizes the natural ingredients used in their products. They’ve also adapted new recipes to their yogurt products to make them with less sugar and fat to cater to the health conscious

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