Essay on Marketing Research Project : A Successful Restaurant

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I. Introduction

When developing a marketing research project, we brained stormed and came up with the conclusion of wanting to develop a marketing research project along the lines of the food industry. Each individual in the group works at different restaurants, with different a different work environment, offering of food, staff and customer service, and cost. Those three major factors are key elements of a successful restaurant.

A successful restaurant has an environment that matches the food it is serving and the customers it attracts. A restaurant that focuses on selling fun and colorful pizzas to children should have an environment that’s colorful and exciting. A restaurant that focuses on selling upscale food should create an environment of dim lights, soft music and high-quality items, such as wineglasses and well-cushioned booths. A restaurant that creates an environment that appears completely opposite of its intended style makes customers feel uncomfortable and doesn’t give the restaurant an image to build on.

Food is one of the major factors in determining a restaurant’s success. Food, like a restaurant’s environment, should mimic its intended style. Patrons of a fast food restaurant aren’t expecting food that’s of four-star quality, but they do expect the food to taste good and appear freshly prepared. Food that’s burnt or cold turns off customers, and while they may not leave the restaurant immediately, poorly prepared food does make them less excited about…

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