Essay on Marketing Premier Inn

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The British Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as ‘The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying costumers requirements profitably, to meet organisational objectives.’ Middleton V T C, at el, Marketing in Travel and Tourism, 2001: 23.
The objective of this report is to demonstrate how Marketing strategies ought to attract customers, consequently increase the hotel’s income. Marketing is a crucial feature for hotels, making all the difference to overcome every challenge caused by the actual market competition. The increasing costumer’s requirements for satisfaction and tough competition will make every company to invest more and more in order to succeed and stand out.
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Psychological or motivational factors can also influence the buyer’s choices. They could expose their desires and necessities but act in another way, might not have noticed their most deep motivation but respond only to immediate influences.
With the internet development, came this indirect selling, in which organisations lost that face-to-face communication, for that reason, market research is the solution.
Understanding the power forces that interfere at buyer’s behaviour is a crucial part to adopt new strategies of marketing. There is a considerable variation in costumer’s age, expenditure power, level of education, tastes within others, so these features are making the marketing people to assume that this behaviour needs to be separated in equal consumption’s segmentation.
According to Premier Inn website, their kept way to maintain loyal customers, and attract new ones, through efficient service execution will ensure their future growth. Another point they strongly consider is feedback. On their 2009/10 report, was mentioned: “Premier Inn guest satisfaction programme: Key to delivering the Whitbread vision of being the most customer-focused hospitality company in the world is ensuring that we accurately and robustly measure customer feedback. It is important that we always focus on what is important to the customer at both a brand and outlet level.”

Segmentation, targeting and

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