Marketing Plan Of A Restaurant

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(1) Introduce the new menu for breakfast such as dim sum and noodles, menu for lunch such as set lunch for officials. Because I want to maximize my profit by getting more customers come to the restaurant all day. Instead of opening only in the evening.
(2) Introduce the new buffet in every Friday night; the menu buffer will be changed every month such as: Japanese style on January, Italian on February, Thailand on March, French on April and so on. So, customers will not be boring about my restaurant.
(3) I decide to open the restaurant all day from 6am to 11pm instead of opening in the evening only to attract more customers to my restaurant.
(4) To increase variety of food such as Western and Vegetarian to meet the needs of non-Vietnamese
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Because of high fee of parking, customers will choose my restaurant for free parking.
(3) Redecoration the restaurant to follow the different style to attract more customers. Because the old style of this restaurant is not my style and it don’t suitable for my customers.
(4) Rebuilt some parts of restaurant, I will make some private rooms for family, group of friends. Some customers want the free feeling and they can sing, talk loud…in my private room.
(5) Upgrade the facilities instead of some olds. Because some facilities are very old and these cannot meet my requirement.
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Our price is also lower than competitors 10%. So we can get more customers from our competitors.
(2) Discount 15% for student, show the student card to get discount. Because students always want something which are good in quality and cheap in price. So we discount for student to attract them to my restaurant.
(3) On every Wednesday is lady night, this mean free one dish for every lady (we have special menu of 5 dishes for they choose one of them). Wednesday is the midday of the week, so the amount of customers in that day is not meeting my requirement. If that day is ladies day, everything will be different. Ladies will bring their husbands, children, family to my restaurant.
(4) Birthday beer: If you come to my restaurant in plus minus 3 days of your birthday, show us you’re ID, we will give you the amount of cup of beers equal your ages (just drink at restaurant, to go is not allowed). So everybody will come to my restaurant to celebrate their birthday (beer can be replace by soft drink for children or customer’s need).
(1) To use the TV media once every 2 months to advertise the food and services of the restaurant. Because the customers see the restaurant on TV, it can attract them come to my restaurant to

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