Marketing Plan For Mensa Incstrategic Plans Essay

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Mensa IncStrategic plans are created at all three levels of an organization that include

corporate, business, and functional levels of any organization which main purpose is to

describe the objectives, goals, and also other plans necessary for accomplishing these

goals. Finance, Marketing, Operations, and also Personnel are also important and should

be measured when incorporating a strategic plan for any business. The Mensa Company

has engaged itself with various businesses, which include Energy, Packaging, Forest

Products, and also Financial Services. Each individual businesses and their sub-divisions

should be required to appraise performance and also modify business strategies to ensure

that increasing productivity is the main goal both short-term and long term. Executing a

strategic plan can provide a roadmap for the organization to follow and stay focus on

goals and objectives that they wish to meet.

The issue with the Mensa Company is to make the necessary decisions of the

future regarding the businesses of this organization. Each of the four businesses that

make up the Mensa Company also have sub-divisions throughout the organization that

also have a variation in profits, interest, and also potential growth. The most obvious

challenge of this organization is to find a way to strategize and increase the resources

such as financial, capital, and manpower towards the most appealing of the four

businesses and sub-divisions while taking advantage of all…

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