Essay about Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy

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For any business to succeed, selling has to take its major part. This is made possible through marketing strategies which allow the business to utilize footholds and pathways on a limited budget in an effective manner. Marketers choose to sort out their real audience in order to understand what holds real meaning to the audience. They also seek to understand what that audience cares about to ascertain how that relates to what they are offering to craft a message that would meet consumers’ levels of needs. Therefore, marketing strategy is the process of designing a marketing plan that assists the organization meet its marketing objectives through messages that can be heard. It is thus important for marketers to understand the selling process, sales management, and sales planning to apply them in different markets and environments.
1.1 Personal Selling and the Promotion Mix
Personal selling is a crucial element of the overall marketing strategy of an organization. It is the demonstration of persuasive messages through selling to potential clients and may take place through email, telephone conversations, or personal correspondence. It is done with the sole intention of promoting sales as well as creating permanent relationships with potential buyers and existing customers, which ends with an attempt to close a sale. Personal selling supports the marketing activity by equipping the marketer with the target market buyer behavior to create a positive impact on the customer.
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