Promotional Goals Of The Roku Company

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The promotional goals of the Roku company is to promote their products and shed light on the fact that the company aspires to power every TV in the world and offer the streaming service for consumers that will provide the best experience each and every time the product is used. The promotional mix for the company will include public relations, advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling.
Advertising will ensure that the product and overall brand is seen by different consumers. The advertising department can promote the Roku Company without bashing another company. The goal is to gain the trust of their potential consumers, bashing leads to mistrust. The company’s value speaks by itself. More free channels that are otherwise
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Once consumers notice that the prices are affordable, they will be more inclined to actually make the purchase, based upon the company’s reputation and low costs. Personal selling will help assure customers that there is help available when needed and more information will be shared directly to consumer and questions can easily be answered right away.
The public relations section will be in charge of sharing the company’s positive image and streaming innovation. Public relations will help the brand make its way into every school, or non-profit event to promote the services. There will be giveaways of promotional items that are usable. Some of the promotional items will include branded pens, paperweights, writing pads, Frisbees and more. The goal is to make sure consumers everywhere have the opportunity to gain awareness of what ROKU India is. Sales force requirements techniques and management will be manned after careful training of employees from India. We will send out highly trained staff to train employees of India in order to higher employees from the country that not only speak the language but to become the face of ROKU India. This includes scripted language for the call center, scripted language for the sales staff. There will be several departments from customer service to the escalation team to public
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Businesses will love ROKU India due to the ability to advertise their businesses by purchasing advertising slots as well as being able to purchase an inexpensive streaming service for their business, such as the business who have a television on the main floor of their business, in the lobby, their conference rooms or waiting areas. Hospitals can also even benefit from having Roku India because of the fact that they will be able to save on cable services for their patients. Roku India would benefit patients as well because of the fact that it will make you feel like you are at home. In the future for expected outcomes, there will also be a “Crossover” department for customers who wish to transfer their services from other companies to ROKU India. There will be a benefit given out for simply switching over, which could possibly be a free premium channel for a month for the new

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