Marketing Plan For A Company Essay

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For a company to be successful it needs to have a good HR that is aligned with the company’s strategic plan. Once the company has created it’s plan and goal they feel will make their company successful they need their HR department on board to fulfill the adequate requirements to meet these demands. HR will perform their job descriptions regarding hiring, firing, training, and many other employee matters. I feel that in order for accompany to succeed it needs to meet the owners goals and strategic plan as well as keeping their employees satisfied. I feel that Maersk’s HR function was properly aligned. When Maersk’s company was small the HR was asked to hire employees to a family oriented company. Many were hired right out of college or high school, and worked their entire life there. HR focused on hiring and training the young and inexperienced. Their training produced employees that were taught the company’s job objectives from scratch and enabled them to feel as if they were all part of a family. They had a good focus on leadership and values, along with a passion for the company. Then when the company went global it relied on HR to change their hiring policies to meet their new strategic plans and goals of keeping up with the increasingly fast-pasted global growth of the twenty first century. HR was now responsible to switch their function from administrative to strategic. Allen, the head of Group HR, was helping to shift the “HR function from administrative to strategic,…

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