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In the role of a marketing consultant provide a marketing plan, and marketing research proposal for East Midlands Trains

The purpose of this document is to present a study of the opportunities East Midland Trains have and recommend an initial marketing research proposal which addresses a particular problem to improve the company’s competitive position.
East Midlands Trains is a British train operating company owned by Stagecoach group it was formed on 11th November 2007 in Derby. The company provides service to passengers mainly travelling to and from London and the east Midlands such as Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire. The current franchise which lasted 7 years runs
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Political forces: A political factor affecting East Midland Trains is that the Government controls and funds the franchise greatly.
Economic forces: The state in which the economy sits in has an influence on East Midland Trains. An upturn in the economy may see people with more disposable income giving consumers more options and opportunities to use the train for pleasure. However, if the economy is doing bad and many suffer from job losses this would lead to consumers making major cut backs and East Midland Trains may experience a reduction in passengers. This could be due to them either not choosing to use train as switching to cheaper alternative modes of transport such as coaches.
Social forces: In today’s society, being environmentally friendly is deemed to be trendier than ever before as people are now more aware of the importance of the environment and being ‘Green consumers’. This could have a positive effect on East Midland Trains as travelling my train is more sustainable than other modes of transport such as car or motorcycle.
The increase in the use and interest of carpooling amongst people in the UK could be seen as a possible threat to East Midland Trains as many may choose carpooling over the use of train as they may see it as being more convenient.
Technological forces: Advances in technology has forced the business to keep up with current trends and changes. For example; being able to buy and print tickets online makes the

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