Marketing Fraud And Its Effects On The Workplace Essay

1060 Words Feb 11th, 2016 null Page
INTRODUCTION Marketing fraud has been an issue for several years, especially since the advance in technology and social media cites. Hackers and businesses are finding it easier to promote dishonest information to the public. Victims of marketing fraud are lured in with false promises such as: cash prizes and goods and services in exchange for up-front fees or donations. Clearly, this practice is unethical and needs to be changed. Not only is lying in the workplace undesired by consumers and other business partnerships but it is also undesired by employees. When a company chooses to make false promises they are not just hurting the customer but themselves as well. Advertising fraud affects every person involved, and usually not in a good way.
According to the article by Rober B. Cialdini, dishonesty in the workplace can cause serious consequences for the company and the employees. When a company expects to have employees lie or do something morally wrong, the employee may be overwhelmed and stressed because their moral standards are not mixing well with work (Cialdini). The results of this may be decreased productivity and higher turnover. Therefore, the company may have a harder time finding employees willing to keep their job. If employees are not willing to work for those company’s the word is going to get out and the company will receive a bad reputation.
Having a good reputation in the business field is crucial to a business’s survival. It is…

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