Peapod Case Study Solution

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1. “To continually amaze and delight you, every single day”—This is the passion of Peapod from their official website. Indeed, Peapod is following this mission tightly to delight their customers.
As addressed in the case, Peapod own their unique strength in prior thinking of e-commerce before most of the companies, which makes them become a leading pioneer in food delivery industry. Due to this “first-mover advantage” (Keh & Shieh, 2001, p. 73), Peapod have built up a fresh and new brand recognition to public for online grocery service. Also, their positioning strategy is quite suitable for the operation of company, their warehouse constructions are focusing around suburban area that close to some big cities. This act, with no doubt, optimizes
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Peapod have realized that no one can do everything by themselves. Thus, Jewel, Safeway as well as Giant Food, are all the partnerships that built up slightly from the foundation of the business. Peapod thus ensure its viability that provides quality goods in a steady level. What’s more, those brands are all famous in local area or well-known domestically, which implies the consumers that Peapod are reliable enough to be selected as their daily groceries offering. There is no doubt that the collaboration of other food suppliers has created more and more chances for Peapod to optimize themselves with saving more labor and time cost on the operating process. From a long-term standpoint, the corporation can be potential profit as …show more content…
No, Peapod is not targeting the same customer base with Amazon. As concluded from the SWOT analysis, Peapod is more focusing on the customers that have need to save their time on walking around in the supermarket to store food for one week, which means it is more random for people to set up their orders on Peapod. The concern of Peapod is that they are now willing to expand their market penetration not only in suburb area, but also in metropolitan cities. As a result, they are willing to maintain the current customers from small families, young couples and attract the potential business people and white collars that live in cities urban cities to meet the daily

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