Marketing: Branding, Stricing And Distribution Strategy

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Assignment 3: Part C: Your Marketing Plan
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Marketing is defined as the action, set of institutions, and methods for creating, delivering, conveying and exchanging offerings that have value for clients, customers, partners, and society at large. Defining objectives and engaging clients, prospects and rivals in ways that meet those objectives are together the key component of a successful marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy, when well aligned with corporate strategy, serves as a foundation of a marketing plan (Patterson, 2004). In this paper, I will discuss my company’s branding, pricing and distribution strategy. I will classify the company’s
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Their large targeted audience loves good deals. They have multiple locations throughout the world and offer large variety of products such as laptops, PCs, printers, cameras etc.
Strengths: Global brand recognition, loyal followers, budget friendly.
Weaknesses: Products may not be of good quality, outdated merchandise.
Differentiation Strategy in Relation to the Closest Competitor
INFRA Trading discerns itself by providing its customers a shopping experience like no other, with no added expense. The quality of products and service to our clients is of the highest standard in the business at comparatively lower prices and this enables us to have the best chance of retaining our clients.
INFRA Trading’s Intention is to be a Leader or Follower?
INFRA Trading intends to be the new leader in this industry. We provide our customers the best after sale services, which is highly desirable now days. We are changing what conventional shopping epitomize be creating the ultimate “Save more with refurbished” experience for our budget-savvy customers, which our competitors fail to provide.
Level of Impact of Macro Environmental
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With a specific end goal to accomplish these objectives, we will depend heavily on solid word of mouth advertisements and social media to inspire customers to “Save More With Refurbished” by choosing our products.
The following objectives will help INFRA Trading achieve their monthly/yearly goals:
Objectives 1 – Keep abreast with latest technology and have in stock a variety of merchandise of high-end brands to provide customers with different options.
Objective 2 – Promote the company and create brand awareness through the company’s website, social media, Facebook, YouTube, text messages etc. to create a relationship with the target audience.
Objectives 3 – Create word of mouth advertisement and personalize relationships with customers by hosting webinars, sending out fliers and newsletters, hosting events for business sponsors, vendors and elite costumers to show appreciation for providing us the opportunity to serve them.
Objectives 4 – Engage buyers by conducting contests and weekly polls where they can win coupons and giveaways of our products. Introduce incentive programs, to encourage buyers to refer their friends and family to buy our products and receive discounts (Peter & Olson,

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