Marketing And Marketing Strategy: Ryohin Keikaku Ltd

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Marketing Plan The marketing strategy for any business is extremely vital in making or breaking it, however in regards to MUJI, there is no such thing. As mentioned before, MUJI means no brand literally, therefore it becoming an international brand was accidental and a phenomenon. A business needs a brand to establish a base for customers to remember them by, however MUJI strove for a pleasant life and minimalist, thereby capturing people’s hearts through their philosophy. The demographic and target market are a very specific niche people, as mentioned before, where they must resonate with the brand itself and what it means. However there also the occasional thrifters who buy the products as they are cheap. Overall however many well thought out individuals go to MUJI to purchase sustainable products which they feel happy about. The current marketing strategy for MUJI is surprisingly non-existent. As the management of Ryohin Keikaku Ltd. believe that a brand name or logo is excess and not even beneficial for consumers. They also strongly believe that money saved from not advertising or promoting has been …show more content…
Although MUJI is simply put, an anti-brand, they have four factors that made them identifiable, the style, simplicity, value and uniformity. However, in 2012, MUJI finally decided to conduct a small-cost promotional advertisement through social media, which has been effective. The MUJI no-brand strategy has seemed to work and bring attention to it. As for the franchisee’s thoughts on future promotional plans and marketing strategies, it is thought that remaining with the values of using word-of-mouth advertisement is the most effective and sticks to the MUJI philosophy. Although the franchisee wishes to use more social media advertisements such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and occasional promotions in store for loyal

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